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Career Advice for College Students

Many college students think quite a bit about important things. Like parties, roommates and a cute lab partner. Unfortunately, going to parties, watching TV with a roommate and exchanging numbers with a lab partner will not land you the perfect job.
Every college senior has a moment of clarity in which he or she realizes that graduation will soon arrive and the time has come to begin a job search. Some college students are more focused than others and have worked hard to create the perfect resume. Others know that they want to pursue graduate studies programs or attend law or medical school. But most college students just want to find a job that keeps them fed and housed until they figure out what they want to do when they grow up.

The common philosophy among modern college students is that a fresh graduate must find a decent job and keep it for approximately two years, until he or she continues to move up the ladder at that company or move to another. Few people expect to work for one company or in one position their entire lives anymore. For the students who are now looking for an entry level position after college, here is some critical advice.

  • Think about your favorite class:
    If you don't know what you want to do, pick a favorite class or two that you took in college and start there. If you have a good relationship with your professor, still better. Ask about career opportunities related to the class.
  • Look outside the city limits:
    The dream of several college students is to graduate and promptly move to a large city, where they will inevitably find the perfect job waiting for them. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible. Though it may be ideal to move to a large city, housing and living expenses in major metropolitan areas are almost always more expensive than average. Consider living and working in a suburb or small town immediately following graduation so that you can save some money before making the big move.
  • Do an internship:
    Many companies hire recent college graduates as summer interns. These internships may develop into full time positions if you work hard and prove that you want to continue your employment. If you can find an internship doing what you enjoy, express awareness available positions to your supervisor or other colleagues. Always do your best, absorb new knowledge and, most importantly, be on time. Companies want to hire great interns because they already know what they are getting, in a sense.
  • Step outside the box:
    Several college students think they need to find careers that relate to their college majors, but this is not necessarily the case. Consider entry-level positions you have not thought about before. Many entry-level positions are waiting for college graduates to stop them.
  • Consult Career Services:
    Although many colleges and universities provide free career services to students, it is surprising how few students make use of these services. Many colleges have job networks with alumni contacts and company information.
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