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Career Counseling

Career planning should be done to know what your goals are, where you stand and how far your goals are. You deserve a good salary, but you also require job satisfaction. Career counseling will assist you find out what you need and what you deserve. Opportunities and obstacles will keep on coming in your life, but it is your determination to make use of the opportunities and remove the hurdles that would matter in the end.

Career Counseling Process

Self-Assessment :
you should assess yourself before planning your career goals. Self assessment is very important for knowing your own personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, interests, skills, values and beliefs. These parameters will help you in making decisions regarding your career.

Industry Analysis :
After analyzing yourself, you should explore your career options based on your interests, skills and your academic background. For the purpose you may prepare a list of options available to you and choose the best one. After you have chosen your field, you need to further explore the field and the various job profiles available in the area. You should be aware of the educational background, competencies, skills, training, experience, etc. needed to achieve your goals.

Planning :
After collecting all the information about the area you are interested in, you should develop a strategy to meet your goals.

Evaluation :
Evaluation is needed to assess your present status. It is important that you assess yourself from time to time to know whether your are on the right track or not. If you find that you are not on the right track you should reconsider everything regarding your career and set up new goals.
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