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Career Counseling Services

Career counseling is a confidential procedure between you and your career counselor. The counselors focus on three areas of the career process: Gaining clarity, taking action, and staying motivated.
These processes can involve several kinds of topics including: - self-exploration, assessing attitude about work, career resilience, occupational research, resume writing, interviewing, job search and the tools to stay motivated during a transition whether to a new job, a new career or a changing mindset in your current situation.

Our counselors will help guide your decision-making procedure by helping you evaluate your interests, aptitudes, values, goals, and employment experiences. After helping you find the profession that's best for you, our counselors will help you in selecting the classes and schedule that will enable you to reach your goals. Depending on your situation, the focus of career counseling could be about:

The Career Exploration Process including:
  • Assessing values and what motivates you.
  • Understanding how your style impacts your work.
  • Determining your interests
  • Knowing what you are good at and how to leverage.
  • Exploring different work options
  • Making a career decision
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Staying career resilient
  • Adjusting to you current job

Online Career Counseling Services

Online counseling is the core feature which helps a student in identifying the career path, which he can follow to achieve his ambition in life. Seek professional advice from an experienced career counselor to help you in discovering your career passion. Learn to market yourself to potential employers, decide workplace conflicts and develop a career plan. Whether you are starting to plan for your future, an active job seeker or someone contemplating a career change.

Our career counseling services combine an assessment of your skills and abilities and an awareness of the things that interest you with the expertise of a National Certified Counselor. We identify that distance and time restraints sometimes make it difficult for alums to receive career counseling in person. You and your counselor will communicate via the telephone or through an on-line private workspace at times most convenient for you. Our goal is to create an action plan to help you find your "ideal" career.

Career counselors can help you:
  • Develop a career plan.
  • Make more effective decisions.
  • Assess your best job options, through career assessments and other tools.
  • Develop job search skills, such as writing effective resumes.
  • Find work-life balance.
  • Resolve personal conflicts with bosses and coworkers.
  • Find the way job stress, career transitions and other complex employment issues.
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