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Covering Letter

A covering letter is that letter which accompanies your resume through which you apply for any job. Though it is an unsolicited application, it should not be overlooked as it can prove to be an incredible asset to your job hunt process. This letter strengthens your curriculum vitae or resume.
It is also known as a letter of motivation, motivational letter or a motivation letter. It is an introductory letter and plays a vital role for your job application. You can grab the attention of your potential employers & encourages them to navigate through your curriculum vitae. It creates a remarkable impression of oneself at a very first look. To make your covering letter extremely effective, our site will offer you certain important tips for a fresher & for an experienced job seeker as well.

Different Types of Covering Letter

Mentioned below are different types of cover letters:
  • Letter of Inquiry: Through this letter you enquire about the probable job prospects available that suit your skills. This letter provides a brief description of your working area.
  • Thank You Letter: A thank you letter reflects your interest in the job profile you have applied & interviewed for.
  • Job Application Letter: It is also seen as a response letter to a particular job advertisement. The main point to be considered while writing this letter is that the letter should clearly reflect how your skills match with the requirement of the job advertisement.
  • Acceptance Letter: Now this letter states that you accept the job offered to you.
  • Declination Letter: When you are not interested in the job or position offered to you, you inform your employer through a declination letter.
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