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Education Jobs

Education jobs are basically related to teaching job but education administration also comes under this very category. Education jobs is the career line, where job groups like Nursery teacher jobs, School teacher job vacancies, College teacher jobs

including Jr. Lecturers, Lecturers, Readers, Associate Professors, Asst. Professors, Professors, technical & Engineering faculty jobs, Computer and IT faculty jobs, Math teacher vacancies, Science teacher Jobs, English teacher job vacancies, Tuition master vacancies exist. Education jobs cover wide range of jobs and opportunities are enormous in this field. 365naukri will provide you the list of education jobs available so that you can go for the best one.

Education Administration Jobs

Education administration jobs set educational standards and goals and establish the policies and procedures required to achieve them. Educational administrators also supervise managers, support staff, teachers, counselors, librarians, coaches, and other employees. They develop academic programs, monitor students' educational progress, train and motivate teachers and other staff, manage career counseling and other student services, administer recordkeeping, prepare budgets, and perform many other duties Education administrators organize and manage the administration, support systems and activities that facilitate the effective running of an education institution.

Education administration jobs opportunities are increasing in schools and private colleges. Administrators work in general areas such as admissions, quality assurance and examinations or in a specialist role such as finance, careers or human resources. All of these can be either centrally based or within faculties, departments or other smaller units. Education administrators advance through promotion to higher level administrative positions or by transferring to comparable positions at larger schools or systems. They also may become superintendents of school systems or presidents of educational institutions.
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