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Education Jobs in Bangalore

The word education is taken from "educare" (Latin) which means "bring up" and related to educere "bring out", "bring forth what is within", "bring out potential" and ducere, "to lead". Education in the expanded sense is any act or experience which has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of a person. In its technical meaning, education is the method by which society purposely transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.
Education is a very vast field and it includes many activities from teaching two years old kids to speak in sentences to teach graduates how to do a research and also non-teaching works. Bangalore is regarded as IT and educational hub of India. So, there are a large number of education jobs in Bangalore. Bangalore education jobs are available in many forms. There are many types of education jobs in Bangalore based on candidates' interests and academic qualifications. The list of education jobs in Bangalore includes professors, headmasters, clerks, lab head, librarians, teachers, lecturers, readers, principals, Speech language pathologists, School psychologists, Administrators, Para-educators, Tutors etc.

Teachers play a pivotal role in offering education at schools. Teachers generally specialize in a particular age group and/or subject. They normally need at least a bachelor's degree. Teachers at schools are categorized into categories like preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers and high school teachers. The teachers at secondary schools specialize in particular subjects such as math or social studies with Bachelor in Education (BEd).

Lecturers, readers, associate professors, assistant professors or professors teach students at colleges and universities. They teach students, and assist them how to do a research at doctorate level. Speech language pathologists assist students at schools and colleges and universities to learn a language correctly and properly. School psychologists counsel students in selecting a subject for further studies based on their interests. Administrators like Principals, Vice-Chancelor take care of administration of an educational institute whether it is school, college, university or a coaching institute at a large scale. There are a large number of schools, colleges and universities, business schools, coaching centres and educational institutes which offer entry level education jobs or senior level education jobs in Bangalore in many forms from including teachers, administrators and others.
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