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Export Import Jobs

Export import jobs came into existence because of the tremendous potential in world market. The growing opportunities in the world market and the wide range of facilities offered to exporters & importers by the Government of various nations have encouraged more and more enterprises to enter the International Trade Sector. This has given a blow to Export and import jobs.
The implication of such a development on the job market is an obvious rise in the demand for export/import personnel. Global commerce and the Internet have made the world a global village, but far more competitive for businesses. Export and Import industry provides pathway to many export import jobs such as Product managers, sales staff, retail buying, accounting staff, management personnel, strategic planners, international business law professionals and Freight Forwarding and Customhouse Brokers.

Import Export Compliance Jobs

Import export compliance jobs come with many responsibilities. We have mentioned some of the responsibilities of import export compliance jobs below:
  • Manage the development, implementation, training and maintenance of an Import/Export Compliance program.
  • Develop, implement and audit policies and procedures for the import and export operations to maintain full compliance with the laws. Management and coordination of Import/Export product licensing, registration and compliance.
  • C-TPAT program: oversight, compliance and training.
  • Lead regular and periodic compliance reviews and assessments (internal & external) of corporate import and export activities.
  • Perform audit assessments of customs brokers to manage the import and export of the company's products and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Maintain, renew and keep current all import licenses and registrations.
  • Maintain, renew and keep current all registrations related to specific uses of imported products (for Example: Feed Registrations, Industrial Application Registrations).
  • Coordination of Import/Export tax policy/compliance with the company's Tax Department.
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