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Hardware & Networking Jobs in Bangalore

Every organization whether it is small or big where work is done with the help of computers needs hardware and networking professionals to manage its networking system. Networking engineer or hardware engineer oversees the installation, configuration and maintenance of networked information systems. A network engineer has to do a lot of jobs. He or she installs all new hardware, systems and software for networks.
He or she maintains administration of servers and server clusters. He or she supports network and computing infrastructure. And he or she has to do many other works related to hardware and networking. There are huge opportunities for hardware and networking jobs in Bangalore because Bangalore is regarded as the IT hub in India. A large number of IT organizations and other companies which works are based on computers and internet, offer hardware and networking jobs in Bangalore.

Candidates having Diploma in Hardware & Networking can find many hardware/networking jobs in Bangalore. But if you have a bachelor degree in Hardware & Networking, you will have many job opportunities with higher salary. There are several types of hardware & networking jobs in Bangalore. The list of hardware & networking jobs in Bangalore includes jobs like Networking Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Analyst, Network Consultant, Systems Manager, Network Manager, and Network Associate. There are numerous organizations which offer hardware & networking jobs in Bangalore. Some of organizations and placements offering entry level jobs in Hardware & Networking or senior level Hardware & Networking jobs in Bangalore are listed below:
  • Microland
  • eMinds Technologies
  • Nexicon
  •  Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd
  •  Websol Software Pvt Ltd
  • Servxlns Solutions
  • HMS Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Ikanos Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd
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