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Human Resource Jobs in Bangalore

If your desire is to lend your shoulders for the people, to hear his or her worries and work out to help them then Human Resource Job is a perfect career option. A lot of organizations and corporate houses are offering human resource jobs in Bangalore.
HR or Administration is such a department of every type of organization which offers human resource jobs. Works done by Human Resource are Recruitment, selection, and on boarding; Administration of personnel files and legal documents that relate to employment; Organizational design and development; Business transformation and change management; Performance, conduct and behavior management; Industrial and employee relations; Human resources (workforce) analysis and workforce personnel data management; Compensation, rewards and benefits management; and Training and development (learning management). Every type of organization or firm needs professionals having knowledge of human resource. Human resource personnel work as a link between employees and employers. India is a very fast growing economic power across the world and Bangalore is one of major cities in India. So, there are a lot of opportunities for human resource jobs in Bangalore. Human resource jobs in Bangalore include CV Capture, Interview Scheduling, Formula Management, Manpower Planning, Compensation & Benefit code Management, Asset Management, Income Tax Management, Employee MIS, Loan Management, Payroll Process, Cheque Generation, Journal Entry Generation etc.

Bangalore Human Resource jobs are offered to all graduates. But if you want to go ahead or get a high level post like Human resource manager, you must have an MBA in Human Resource Management. There are many types of human resource jobs in Bangalore. The list of human resource jobs in Bangalore include Benefits administrator, Equal employment opportunity, Management analyst, Executive compensation analyst, Training specialist, director of human resource etc. There are a large number organizations or placement consultants which offer human resource jobs in Bangalore. Some of organizations or placement consultants offering entry level or senior level jobs in human resource in Bangalore are listed below:

  • Sandeep J Nair
  • Synopsys India
  • DigiCaptions India Pvt Ltd
  • Adsys India
  • Millenniumpools
  • Intelligroup Asia Private Limited
  • HuReSys Network Pvt Ltd
  • CGI
  • Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited
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