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Jobs in Germany

The country is delightfully bordered by North Sea and Basaltic Sea in the north. It is one of the largest economies in the world. Service sector accounts for 70% of the GDP in the country. Agriculture, industry, forestry, mining & tourism also contribute to the thriving economy of the country.
Economy of Germany largely depends on export as well. Finance, business and renting activities contribute about 30.5% of the GDP to the country. About 18% of the GDP comes from transport, hotels, restaurants and trade. Apart from all these activities in the service sector, other activities like investment banking and insurance contribute about 21.7% of the GDP.

All these services have given rise to ample of job opportunities in Germany. Industry is also the major sector contributing about 29% of the GDP. Automobiles, machine devices, chemical plants, consumer electronics & metal industries also contribute to the economy of the country offering ample jobs in Germany. The country is mainly involved in the export of vehicles, machinery, manufactures and metals, consumer electronics, beer, foodstuffs, fabrics and chemicals offering plethora of jobs in Germany.

Agriculture, mining and forestry are the main sectors providing plenty of jobs in Germany. Germany is one of the biggest producers of agriculture in Europe. Potatoes, wheat, cabbage, sugar beets, barley and fruits are the prominent agricultural products grown in the country.

Below table gives you the list of jobs in most popular countries of the world.
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