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Jobs in Kerala

Kerala is the land well known for tourism and the latest destination of global information technology industry to become a job market in India. In the post autonomy history of Kerala educated young people especially skilled workers and professionals used to migrate to different industrialized cities of India as well as several foreign counties. This development is still continuing at a diminishing rate and limited to few professions such as nursing and medical jobs.
In near future the migrating trend is expected to change significantly owing to the industrialization initiatives such as Smart City, etc. We have tried to catalog all the relevant Kerala job sites that list jobs and employment in Kerala. You can get to know about the different government job opportunities in Kerala, Kerala public service commission job opportunities, BPO and call centre outsourcing jobs, teaching job vacancies, medical and nursing jobs, tourism and hospitality career, journalism and entertainment jobs and information technology jobs in Kerala.

Apart from jobs you will find different career resources and information including career institutions in Kerala, nursing schools and colleges, placement consultants, overseas recruitment agencies in Kerala. You can find job opportunities in Kerala in various sectors, like information technology, banking, government and public sector corporations, medical and healthcare, agro industries, manufacturing, consumer durables, electronics, tourism, fmcg, education and training, marketing and retaining, energy generation, etc.
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