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Jobs in Italy

Many jobs last for the period of the summer or winter tourist seasons May to September &December to April respectively, though some are simply casual or temporary jobs for a number of weeks. Italian fluency is requisite for all but the most menial and worst paid jobs, and is equally or more important than experience & qualifications. Seasonal jobs contain most trades in hotels and restaurants, couriers and travel company representatives, a variety of jobs in sports instructors, ski resorts, jobs in bars and clubs, fruit and grape picking, and various jobs in the construction industry.

If you aren't an EU national, it's necessary to check whether you're eligible to work in Italy earlier than making plans and you may also be required to obtain a visa. Check with an Italian delegation or consulate in your home country well in move forward of your visit. Foreign students in Italy can obtain a temporary work permit for part-time work during the summer holiday period & school terms.
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