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Nursing Jobs in Italy

Nursing is becoming a highly rewarded career in Italy. Several nurses are finding Italy as an expanding and developing destination in personal as well as professional terms. Italy nursing jobs are not only available just in the hospitals around the patients but also in teaching where the nurse educates the students who are about to enter into the nursing field.
Nursing jobs in Italy are also available as Staff Nurse Jobs, Travel Nursing Job, Legal Nursing Consultants and many more. There are several nursing recruiting agencies and placement consultant s which help you in getting the nursing jobs in Italy. Nursing jobs in Italy offer a very attractive career and better salary package. Nursing jobs salary in Italy depends on a nurse's capability and working experience.

At the beginning, nurses get lower salary then experience holder. After some years of experience, nurses can get higher salary package. Nursing jobs in Italy include a broad range of functions & responsibilities. At the beginning (entry level), the nurses are concerned with common care of the patients. At the senior levels, nurses require special skills for psychiatric, managing pediatric, and intensive care patients. The nurses are working in setting up & operating medical equipment, keeping records of patient's progress dispensing medication & administration.

Italy nursing jobs are available in government & private hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, clinics, military services, old age homes, industries and schools. For becoming a successful nurse, you have to earn a degree in nursing like BSc Nursing, MSc Nursing, Hospital Nursing, Military Nursing, General Nursing & Midwifery, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/Health Worker. The chief public, private hospitals & clinics which offer entry level or senior level nursing jobs in Italy are mentioned below:
  • Bologna Public Health Departments - Bologna
  • Ceccarini Hospital - Riccione
  • San Giovanni di Dio Hospital - Florence
  • Cattinara Hospital - Trieste
  • Orthopedic Institute Gaetano Pini - Milan
  • Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri
  • Le Molinette - Turin
  • Mauro Leonardis - Rome
  • United States Naval Station Hospital - Naples
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