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Jobs in Japan

The Japanese economy is a untidiness and according to western newspapers and magazines, Japan is now far from being a land of opportunities it used to be. Because the type of opportunities in Japan have altered drastically. A few years back, a gaijin face was adequate to find a very well paid English teaching job.
Recently, the Asian crisis has forced Japan to open its doors to foreign firms, which are moving, growing and therefore hiring in Japan. And today, some computer, software or IT experience on top of a college degree can go ahead to tremendous job offers.

It does not give the hidden secrets and magic solutions for getting a good job in Japan but shares a few ideas on how to get started, the right people to talk to, and a general synopsis of the hiring process. It is not necessary to physically be in Japan to find a good job here. Some companies will interview over the phone, and other large ones may run the interviews overseas. In any case, about 3 months will be attractive from the first resume sent to the first job offer got.

Below table gives you the list of jobs in most popular countries of the world.
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