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Jobs in Norway

Jobs in Norway offer a wide multiplicity of benefits, steady employment, and high pay. Finding a job in Norway isn't as hard; there is a low rate of immigration and a variety of jobs are offered especially for trained, skilled professionals and IT workers.
As a non-EU citizen, you can obtain a Norwegian work permit with an existing job offer from a Norwegian employer, or apply for the Specialist Worker status for job skills in short demand. The Norwegian Embassies can help with that. Job opportunities for foreigners in Norway range from junior, through medium to high-end executive positions.

The increase in the local talent pool does stand for that it is tougher to get jobs at the lower end of the scale. The main sectors of work for expats are finance, accountancy, sales and marketing, IT, human resources, legal, telecommunications, logistics and engineering. To be competitive in the job market, expats looking to work in Norway should be able to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, experience and specialist knowledge.

If not, it may be hard to find a position that cannot be filled by a Chinese employee. Language is another significant requirement most jobs require either Cantonese or Mandarin, or both, as well as English. It is a most beneficial advantage to have a degree from a well-ranked university, as this is highly regarded in Norway.

Below table gives you the list of jobs in most popular countries of the world.
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