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Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, the land of the Lion is also the land of business forecast and a hub of world's most happening commercial events. Singapore is an urbanized island located in Southeast Asia. The well established free economy of Singapore facial appearance a high per capita GDP.
The contemporary economy of Singapore is largely based on services and manufacturing. Commodities exchanges, financial services & exports have made the economy of country more stable and prosperous. Industries are also playing a vital role in the country. Chemical plants, oil drilling equipments and electronic industries add significantly to the economy & offer wide array of jobs in Singapore.

Singapore enjoys highest per capita GDP due to its open business environment. Services, raw products and natural resources are the foremost sources of revenue generation in Singapore. Oil refining and wafer fabrication industry are the two well-known sectors offering ample jobs in Singapore. Shipping and Logistics industry of Singapore provides the highest number of job opportunities.

The harbor of Singapore is also called as its economic engine. Being one of the busiest ports in the world, it also holds one of the largest shipping registers. The port of Singapore is one of the most exciting sea-ports of the world which provide goods movement. Information technology, infrastructure development & services are other major sectors adding to the economy of country thus are the offering jobs in Singapore.
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