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Teaching Jobs in Singapore

Government of Singapore has always encouraged education through education policies and funding. Today, Singapore stands out in the academic field and as per the statistics it has the highest (95%) literary rate in the continent of Asia. The figure obviously states the prosperity of teaching jobs in Singapore. Be it at any stages, Kindergarten, primary, secondary or university, teachers are always in demand in Singapore.
There are a lot of primary & secondary schools and universities where teaching jobs are available. Teaching at every level, whether at primary or secondary schools or colleges and universities, requires various educational qualifications. Area of expertise area includes teaching at kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, institutes and special schools.

Teaching at every level needs a different expertise. If you want to be with children, teaching at primary schools will be a good option, but if you want to be with senior students, it will be better to look at the college or university. Teaching jobs salary in Singapore is better. It offers more than money. Teaching job in Singapore offers better career prospects. Singapore has several universities, colleges & educational institutes and schools at different levels. So, there are many opportunities for teaching jobs in Singapore.

Singapore teaching jobs are available in government and private schools, colleges, and universities like National University of Singapore, Nanyang University and others. There are several types of teaching jobs in Singapore. The list of teaching jobs in Singapore includes primary school teacher jobs, Math teacher vacancies, Science teacher Jobs, English teacher jobs, Social Science teacher jobs, Lecturers, technical & Engineering faculty jobs, Computer and IT faculty jobs, Asst. Lecturers, Associate Professors, Asst. Professors, Readers, Professors, and many others. Schools, colleges and universities offering entry level or other level teaching jobs in Singapore are listed below:
  • Anderson Secondary School
  • Regent Secondary School
  • Singapore Management University
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • James Cook University Singapore
  • University of New South Wales Asia
  • English Language Institute of Singapore
  • Malay Language Centre of Singapore
  • Physical Education & Sports Teacher Academy
  • Singapore Centre for Chinese Language
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