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Media jobs are concerned with the collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. Media jobs offer prestigious professions as well as a highly paid one. With the invention of cable TV, numerous news channels that are working day and night, the jobs in media industry are in great demand .Opportunities are endless but at the same time, media jobs have become more challenging.
Journalists have to compete with the each other for the good coverage, fast and quick coverage for the news or any other event. Media jobs are not only the field jobs as perceived by most of the people. Even the people who work in the media offices as editor sub editor, proof reader etc are considered under the category of jobs in media industry. Career in media these days has also expanded to the Internet when all the major newspapers and TV channels have become online. Content writing, search engine optimizing SEO are few of the media jobs that can be categorized under media journalism jobs. Media jobs can be of varied profiles. These profiles include Newspaper Reporter , TV News Reporting Television Production ,Magazine Writer ,Advertising Executive ,Radio Journalist ,Public Relations Officers ,Media Marketing, Executives ,Space Selling Executives ,Actors, Directors and Producers ,Audiovisual Production Specialists ,Broadcast and Sound Technicians ,Careers in Content , Cinema Projectionist ,Copy Editor ,Editors and Writers.

Media Job Search

365naukri provides you with an extensive media job search and makes you aware what exactly a recruiter looks for. For media jobs employers look for graduates who can assimilate information, analyze situations, work in and build teams and above all communicate with clarity and with empathy using a variety of media resources.Media job search can be for various profiles.These job profiles include Reporter, Correspondent, Sub-editor, Copy Editor, Sports Editor, Feature Writer, Investigative Reporter, Proofreader, Special Reporter, Photographers, and Cartoonists/ Illustrators.
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