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Medical Jobs

Medical jobs are available in hundreds if not in thousands in different categories. Healthcare is the largest industry, showing the highest amount of growth of any other field. Medical jobs include, medical assistant jobs, registered nurse jobs, physicians and surgeons, nursing aides, orderlies, attendants to name a few.
The medical jobs on this list offer the highest degree of one of these factors, or a strong balance of several factors. All the included medical jobs are in very high demand and experiencing significant growth, due to the aging population, and advancements in health care. Medical jobs are almost always in demand, but these jobs are expected to grow the most in the ten-year period ending in 2018, according to a survey Of the 30 fastest-growing careers on the list of occupations, six of them were in the healthcare field.

Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistant jobs are another option regarding health career that does not require a college degree. Medical assistants assist nurses and doctors with basic tasks such as drawing blood, giving injections, taking the patient's vital signs, prepping exam rooms, and assisting with minor procedures. While there are certification programs for medical assisting, most medical assistants are trained on the job. Medical assisting is the most versatile of the allied healthcare professions because they are trained in both clinical tasks involving patient care and administrative tasks. Medical assistants are qualified to work in most medical offices, so there are many options for employment. Medical assistants are not limited to a particular medical specialty.
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