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Placement Consultants in Denmark

Denmark is a historical center of cultural innovation. Denmark is popularly known for its higher learning and research in almost all the fields. Denmark is a home to many universities; University of Copenhagen is the largest and oldest among them. Sea territory is an important feature of Denmark. Denmark is bordered by Baltic and the North Sea.
The economy base of Denmark is formed by the industries like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, handicrafts, gemstones, cattle farming, fishing and trade. Other expanding industries such as food processing, furniture, chemicals, ship building and export also play an important role in Denmark's economy. Denmark offers job opportunities in different sectors like Farming, Fishing, Trade, Chemicals, Information Technology, Textiles, Furniture, Food Processing, Export, Pharmaceuticals, Ship building and Engineering.

There is a strong for employees in Denmark. To work in Denmark, job seekers from abroad must obtain a work permit without first obtaining a registration card. Denmark is a goldmine for highly educated professionals. Those working in a specialized field of work find it easier to get jobs. Placement consultants in Denmark receive all kinds of resumes with a basic certain difference according to an individual's profession, courses and educational qualification from different school and colleges.

Denmark recruitment consultants know the accurate difference, job requirement and keep the interest of the prospective employers in mind. Like a good job, a good placement consultant in Denmark is significant. They play a role of mediator for a candidate's selection in a good company. Gain the services of a recruitment consultant can ease the lifestyle and help an individual to succeed in his/her goals. Similar to a good CV or degree, good consultant is also very important in placement or recruitment process.
Placement Consultants in Denmark
Mercuri Urval
Philip Heymans Alle' 5 DK 2900
Phone: 32-2209-9700
Sam International
Vedkaeret 11 Snestrup DK 5210
Phone: 45-66-164136
Horton International
1 Indiavej 1st Flr 2100
Phone: 45-33-120133
Skel Mose Consulting
Porshltparken 76740
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