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Real Estate Jobs in Bangalore

Real estate as a legal term encompasses land along with improvements to the land, like buildings, fences, wells and other site improvements which are fixed in location—immovable. It refers to the ownership of land and appurtenances, including anything of a permanent nature like structures, trees, minerals, benefits, and the interest, and inherent rights thereof.
Real estate is linked to the construction of buildings, government buildings, residential townships, commercial offices, factories, multiplexes, industrial buildings, hotels & restaurants, entertainment centers and shopping malls. The residential and commercial agents help the people to buy and sell homes and income-producing properties. Property managers keep the property to generate the highest possible financial return over a period of time. As Bangalore is developing fast and the government of Karnataka has taken care of the infrastructure of the city of Bangalore, there are huge opportunities for real estate jobs in Bangalore.

Bangalore real estate jobs offer better salary package and career prospects. The list of real estate jobs in Bangalore can include jobs like real estate agent, real estate appraiser, loan officer, escrow officer etc. Bangalore real estate jobs can be found in commercial banks, saving associations, consulting firms, insurance companies, mortgage bankers, property management firms, real estate developers and residential and industrial brokerage offices. There are various real estate organizations which offer entry level or senior level jobs in real estate in Bangalore. Some of organizations or placement consultants which offer real estate jobs in Bangalore are listed below:
  • Needs and Solutions
  • UKN Properties Pvt. Ltd
  • Offiz Solutions
  • Miracle Business Promoters and Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • Blue Valley Properties Pvt Ltd
  •  Millennia Ventures And Projects India (P) Ltd
  • Citymax India
  • Patel Realty India Ltd
  • FORAM Developers India Pvt. Ltd

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