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On the best sample resumes, you will find example resumes for different needs. We also provide information on how to write down a job resume, resume templates & resume examples. If you are looking for a sample for a definite need use the menu on the left hand side to view sample resumes for like nursing resumes, acting job resumes, medical resumes ,sales resumes, teacher's resumes and others. Sample resumes provided here are printable job resumes.

A resume is a mirror of your professional identity. A well-defined resume impresses a recruiter. A sloppy resume instantaneously proclaims the candidate to be sloppy. One of the most recurrently heard complaints made by recruiters about entry-level resumes is that they lack a specific objective. Resumes of fresh graduates have fuzzy, common objectives or no objective at all. Mentioning a specific objective is by far the most important feature of an entry- level resume. Without goal clearness you are bound to drown in the sea of mediocrity.
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