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Retail Jobs

Retail jobs come with wide range of duties and activities depending on the product, service and merchandise offered by the employer. Career in retail is a balancing act that requires a mix of human resources management, marketing, communications and sales experience.
Skills required for retail jobs include the art of turning a customer's shopping experience into a positive outing, using a greeting to make a great first impression, understanding the steps of a sale in progress, and learning how to enhance employee efficiency when dealing with customers.

Retail Job Description

Basically retail job is to encourage customers to purchase product. The retail job description clearly outlines the common tasks and activities of a retail sales job and provides a description of the skills, knowledge and key competencies required in the job.

Responsibilities those come with retail jobs are summarized below:
  • greet customers
  • find out the customer's needs
  • recommend, select and help locate the right merchandise
  • describe a product's features and benefits
  • demonstrate use and operation of the product
  • receive and process cash, check and charge/credit payments
  • provide change and receipts
  • bag or package purchases
  • count money, sort charge slips and balance monies
  • maintain sales records
  • place special orders
  • organize and process merchandise exchanges
  • process repair or alteration of merchandise
  • stay current with sales prices
  • recognize and monitor security issues
  • arrange and display merchandise
  • keep merchandise area tidy
  • take stock inventory
  • Requisition new stock
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