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This page of 365naukri is concentrated on sales jobs. Sales jobs are always high on demand because of the fact that even if you manufacture high quantities of product but without sales department your all efforts will go in vain without any profit. Sales jobs are meant for revenue generation for the company. In the business world sales staff acts a fuel to run any business.

Salesman Job Description

Salesman job description will mainly include the responsibilities of a salesman as salesman is the backbone of any business for revenue generation. Salesmen are people who define the prosperity, survival and future of the company by their efforts. Here are a few points required to be mentioned regarding salesman job description:

Business Development: Business development is the primary responsibility of a salesman. Business development is basically to provide growth and strength to business so as to avoid being engulfed by the competitor.

Servicing: By servicing your current book of business salesman generates mutual goodwill and buyer loyalty. This ensures their continued influence as a good sales person.

Planning: Planning and development of sales campaigns keeps the sales associate at the front of development and planning. The sales professional is the spokesman for the service or product being sold so he should have full fledged knowledge about the company and the product.

Administrative Duties: Sales people are responsible for all of the administrative work and paperwork generated by their business development and servicing activities. They must maintain proper records and filing policies so as to ensure customer satisfaction.
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