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Sample Covering Letter for Experienced Job Seekers

Sample covering letter for experienced job seekers should represent you as an experienced person who is having ample practical knowledge about his job profile. In such a letter one has to give emphasis on the experience they are having in that particular job profile to throw an incredible impression on potential employers. Here a few things that should be looked after while writing sample covering letter for experienced job seekers.
  • As your sample covering letter for experienced job seekers reflects that how savvy you are in marketing your skills. It should make the recipient to re-look into your resume. Addressing the cover letter to "Dear Personnel Director/HR Director," "To Whom It May Concern," "Dear Sir or Madam" (or worse, "Dear Sirs") instead of the name of a particular individual is a wrong approach that shows the employer that the applicant is least concerned to determine the name of the person having the power of hiring him/her. Though it is not easy to determine the name of the hiring manager, but one shall try to do so. Being an experience job seeker, this is expected from your cover letter.
  • Don't tell the company what the company can do for you, instead concentrate on what you can do for the company. Being an experienced person you are supposed to give all you have learned to the company.
  • It should be absolutely error free. A poor printing, typo error, a misspelling will definitely throw a bad impression about you.
  • Use strong statements such as "I am confident," I am convinced," or "I am positive." Avoid vague statement like "I feel" and "I believe".
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