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Self Assessment Questionnaire

The self-assessment scheme is composed of a straightforward questionnaire which enables you to ascertain which areas should be addressed next in order to improve the overall process capability. The assessment is based on a general framework which recognizes that there are a number of structural elements which need to be in place for process management and for it to satisfy the overall intent and meet the needs of the customer.
A Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is an important legalization tool for all businesses that sell goods on the internet. These merchants are sometimes needed to complete an SAQ before they can be approved for a merchant service account. The process is actually quite simple. When a company wants to sell goods or services online, they should apply for a merchant service account at a bank or reputable financial institution.

Your Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a great way for the Council to understand what support you may need and of estimating the risks to you. The Council uses this assessment to work out your analytical Personal Budget. It is a tick box question and answer form. It is designed to make you think about different areas of your life and what level of care and support you need to achieve maximum independence.

The SAQ can be completed alone or with the help and advice of others including a Care Manager, friends or family. Each question asks you to estimate the level of support you may need, what you find difficult and/or what you can do for yourself. It helps you identify a range of issues that may have an impact on your life. The Questionnaire is divided into four major sections corresponding to the four focus areas in the "Objectives, Standards, Criteria and Indicators for the APRM" document:
  1. Democracy and Good Political Governance
  2. Economic Governance and Management
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Socio-economic Development
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