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Self Assessment Rubrics

The Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Service-Learning in Higher Education was designed to assist members of the higher education community in gauging the progress of their campus's service-learning institutionalization efforts. The rubric is structured by five dimensions, which are considered by most service-learning experts to be key factors for higher education service-learning institutionalization.

Each dimension is comprised of several components that characterize the dimension. For each component, a three-stage continuum of development has been established. One way to support thoughtful self-assessment is to provide a rubric or create one with students. A rubric is a document that lists criteria and describes varying levels of quality, from Excellent to poor, for a specific assignment. Many teachers use rubrics for Scoring student work, but rubrics can do much more. In the hands of students, a good rubric can orient learners to the concept of quality as defined by experts in a field, inform self- and Peer assessment, and guide revision and improvement. Rubrics can be informative as well as evaluative.
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